A Trip To Shondaland

Shonda Rhimes has got to be one of the best writers Hollywood has ever scene, she has given us Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal and How To Get Away With Murder. When watching any of the three shows, you are quickly sucked in and ultimately become a part of their world. You fall in love with each character, you start investing in different character’s relationships. To be frank, you become obsessed.

The first time I watched Scandal, I was two seasons late. The only reason why I watched it was because my group of friends swore by it, on top of telling me a black woman played the lead. Let’s be honest, I support anything black. After hearing about it a thousand times, I finally decided to watch it and let’s be honest, I am in love with the character Olivia Pope, she constantly came to slay, handled business and read people for the filth they were. Let’s not forget to mention Shonda’s other creation, How To Get Away With Murder. Annalise Keating, is honestly the best thing that happened to television, Viola Davis plays that part far too well.

Shonda ended Scandal, because of …… stuff. We just not gonna talk about it, because I know I will offend some unseasoned people. In a recent interview Shonda Rhimes revealed her deal with Netflix and how she’s working on eight new shows. Let’s bow our heads and thank God. Do I have a Netflix account? No. But, will I get an account just for Shonda Rhimes and her new shows? Chilee, I will overdraft this account for some SHONDA.

Are you guys ready for these new shows?

To read more about Shonda Rhimes and her Netflix deal, click here.

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