25 Years Of So So Def

Jermaine Dupri has recently revealed, that So So Def will be going on tour for its 25th anniversary. Maybe y’all youngins don’t care because y’all don’t know good music, I mean y’all made a lot of trash people famous, but us grown folks care.

Back in the day, Jemaine Dupri and the whole entire So So Def Label, were dropping hits left and right. On top of dropping hits, So So Def, had some of the best artists. I am talking about Da Brat, Jagged Edge, Xscape, Anthony Hamilton, Bone Crusher, Dem Franchize Boyz, Bow Wow and more.

Now, I know y’all be clowning Bow Wow, but this man had HITS AND BANGERS out the world in the early 2000s! Besides that joint he dropped with Ciara, he dropped the unappreciated banger in 2005 with Omarion called “Let Me Hold You.” My ten year old soul really sang this chorus with all my heart like I really had a boo to hold down.

Jagged Edge were the token hood guys women always wanted, y’know? Rough around the edge but still sweet. Jagged Edge gave music for you to apologize and make promises to your girl to (I Promise), songs to propose to (Let’s Get Married), and songs to make love to (This list is too damn long).

AND ANTHONY HAMILTON?!?! Chile, Mr. Hamilton has had us looking for Charlene for the past fifteen years. Let us even know a Charlene it’s over.

If you’re wondering, tyhe tour kicks off Oct. 14 in Washington D.C., and plays until early November, looks like this fall is about to be a lit one!

For more information click here.

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