Happy National Girlfriend Day!

Today is AUGUST FIRST, and this day is National Girlfriend Day. I know a lot of you are about to text your significant other asking for your gifts and pampering, and I’m here to pop that bubble. Today, is not about you making your boo rub your feet, knowing he hates that pinky toe with the bunion on it. Y’all already got Valentine’s Day, anniversary, birthday, Christmas… shall I go on? No, this day is not for the couples!

Originally, this day was created for women to get together around the United States and celebrate their special bond of friendship. Let’s be honest we need this day, female friendships are sacred and endures so much. We are each others mothers when we are out and need protection and each others sisters when we need more than a friend. Though a lot of women around the United States have adopted this day to be used as a day for women in a romantic relationship it was not created or made for that.

This Girlfriend Day, check on your women friends, make sure they’re okay whether it be a text message or a phone call or something as simple as a mention on social media, make sure you let them know you cherish the relationship and the dynamic y’all share.




I do not have copyright ownership in the images used in this article/blog post.

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