Well, ladies and gentleman today, is a great day. You want to know why it’s a great day? It’s a great day because Travis Scott dropped his album ASTROWORLD. It’s been two years since his last album and he really came through with this one.

Let’s be completely honest here, the album by itself is a masterpiece. The music appearances and collaboration on this album alone gave me the type of chills you should only produce after a climax, from Drake, to The Weeknd to even Frank Ocean. FRANK MF OCEAN!! Travis you really ain’t have to go that hard.

The best song on this album, in my opinion, has to be STOP TRYING TO BE GOD, this man had Stevie Wonder on the damn harmonica BLESSING MY INNER SOUL. Do you understand, how much of any honor it is to be able to work with a legend like Stevie Wonder? My heart exploded into a million pieces because it was beautiful, the whole entire track is magical.

If you haven’t listened to ASTROWORLD yet, then what is you doing? Click here to listen. Check out the merch for ASTROWORLD here. 



I do not have the copyright ownership to the images used in this article.

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