The End Of Summer

August means summer is ending, and a new school semester is about to start. Parents are rejoicing because they can finally get there child out of their face, school teachers are stressing making sure that the curriculum they have prepared is sufficient enough and college students are excited to leave their parent’s house just so they can go back to living the dorm life.

Yes ladies and gentleman school is around the corner and I decided that since today is Tip Tuesday, I might as well provide some tips and advice to all my incoming college freshman or transfer students coming from a junior/community college. Most of my advice can be applied to anyone. Scroll below and read my tips to surviving college as a new student.


7 Tips To Surviving College


1. Invest In A Planner/Calendar.

College isn’t like high school, sometimes you’ll double book and then realize that same day is the day a group project is due but isn’t done and now you’re scrambling for your life.

2. Read Every Syllabus Like A Contract

THIS IS ESSENTIAL! Because in college a syllabus is considered a contract, staying in the class equates to “I Agree to the Terms and Conditions.” Read the rules about attendance, group projects, grading scale etc.

3. Make Friends In Class

You never know when a family emergency can occur or if you partied too hard the night before, and making it to your 9AM class is the furthest thing from your mind. Make friends in each class just in case you miss class and need to know what was missed. The professors won’t tell you because as an adult it is your responsibility to catch up.

4. Use Your Professor’s Office Hours

Professors have office hours blocked out of their schedules for students to use, if you don’t understand an assignment, if you have questions about one make sure you go to your professor and ask. They are there to educate you, you are there to learn.

5. Get Involved and Join Student Organizations

College is about building and making connections, you may think that you’re different and you can’t possibly find someone who has the same interests as you. You’re wrong! Universities have hundreds of different student organizations about and for everything! From Caribbean student organizations to anime fan clubs. There’s even a club for LARPing. And if you can’t find a club that fits you on campus, then start one!

6. Utilize Every Resource

Moving away from home may seem like the dream, but when you’re on your own you begin to realize just how much your parents did, from doctor appointments to providing food, college is the first official step into adulthood. Universities provide students with every type of resource to ensure they are able to succeed. There are doctors on campus, dentists, therapists and there’s even a center that helps students apply for government assistance if needed, filing taxes, etc.

7. Enjoy Yourself

College years are the best years of your life. You think high school shaped you? College courses, forces you to think outside the box, college makes you realize why it matters so much who you vote for, college teaches you the importance of growth and finding yourself. If you live your life, with your principles intact you will begin to be the best version of yourself.

All in all, I will admit college can be and will be stressful, from a professor who won’t curve your grade, to you being frustrated in a group project. But I can assure you, college is worth it. Knowing that you are educated in something that you are passionate about gives you confidence and joy.

Follow and pursue your dreams!

I do not have copyright ownership to the images used in this article. 

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