Happy National Happiness Happens Day!

I feel like there’s a national day for almost everything, but I must say every national day has a story and a reason behind it. August 8th is National Happiness Happens day, not to be mistaken with the International Day of Happiness which occurs in March. What’s the difference? The International Day of Happiness is a global celebration to mark the United Nations International Day of Happiness, it is a campaign that highlights that, ‘progress’ should be about increasing human happiness and wellbeing, not just growing the economy.”

The National Happiness Happens day was founded in 1999 under the name of “Admit You’re Happy Day” by the Secret Society of Happy People, Happiness Happens Day aims to spread the joy of being happy, and to persuade people to look on the brighter side of life. Happiness is defined as, the state of being happy or feeling or showing pleasure or contentment.

I decided to highlight this day because, being genuinely happy is a hard thing to be. And when people are happy, we all see it! So if you’re happy, spread the positivity today.

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