Black Girl Magic Overflowing

Black Girl Magic is an understatement for the kind of week it has been! Black women have been dominating the covers of magazines all week. If you have missed out, then I am here to inform you! Black women have graced the covers of all of your favorite magazine companies. This amount of exposure is inspiring and motivating. If we must be honest I already bought three of the magazines. These black women broke barriers and provided young black women with so much inspiration. From Beyonce to Tracee Ellis Ross, we would like to share with you these different covers along with each woman’s word of wisdom from the interview.

Lupita Nyong’o For Porter Magazine

“Natural, African, kinky hair is often been painted as uncivilized or wild. Being featured on the cover a magazine is an opportunity to show other dark, kinky-haired people that they are beautiful just the way they are.”


Yara Shahidi For The Hollywood Reporter

“The thing people don’t fully understand about my generation is just how multifaceted we are.”


Zendaya For Marie Claire

“I am Hollywood’s, I guess you could say, acceptable version of a black girl, and that needs to change. We’re vastly too beautiful and too interesting for me to be the only representation of that.”


Tracee Ellis Ross For Elle Canada

“Self-care is being honest, first and foremost, with yourself. Knowing your boundaries. Knowing how to be of service. And having a sense of what your overflow [point] is.”


Rihanna For British Vogue




Rihanna is the first black woman to cover British Vogue’s September issue.






Tiffany Haddish For Glamour

“I want to get on that Forbes magazine, not for the money, but to be an example to other foster youths that it don’t matter how low from the bottom you are, you can always rise to the top if you believe in yourself.”


Beyonce For Vogue

“It’s important for women and men to see and appreciate the beauty in their natural bodies.”


I do not have copyright ownership to the images used in this article.

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