BlackkKlansman Review

Warning: Spoilers ahead

I will be honest and start off by saying, racism is a very touching subject for me. I know the lengths I will have gone to combat racism, and how emotionally moved I am by history, stories recalled by African Americans who were part of the Civil Rights Movement and more importantly current events.

The movie BlackkKlansman is a remarkable movie and I might just say, close to a cinematic masterpiece. BlackkKlansman is based on the true story of Ron Stallworth, the first black detective of the Colorado Springs Police Department and the first black man to infiltrate the Ku Klux Klan (KKK). In U.S. History the KKK was founded and still is a secret hate group in the South, which aimed to suppress the rights gained by African Americans.

This movie takes place after the death of Dr. Martin Luther King, and the rise of the Black Panther Party, to say there was racial tension in the U.S would be an understatement. From my own perspective, I feel Stallworth was hired just to be a Trojan horse in the black community, but I’m glad he had different ideas.

Spike Lee has always produced movies in such a way that it becomes a memorable experience. BlackkKlansman was well done, my favorite scene, was the initiation scene with David Duke and the Black Student Union members listening to the older guy talk about the murder of Jessie Washington. The compare and contrast, was moving, it felt like my emotions were playing tug-of-war with pain on one side and hate/disgust on the other. You had one side laughing and spewing hate while watching Birth Of A Nation, while the other are close to tears hearing the events that led to the murder of Jesse Washington. The movie ended with Ron and Petrice answering the door, guns out and a cross burning in the distance, this image then transitions to the riots and protests that happened last year in Charlottesville and the news coverage following the events. This movie was phenomenal in its own right, tackling racism and bigotry then and highlighting the racism we face now, showing the audience just ‘how far we’ve come.’

Yes, this film was amazing, there were things that could have been better. Let me be honest, I do not like films longer that 2 hours, and BlackkKlansman was DEFINITELY 2 hours and 15 minutes long (UNACCEPTABLE). Before you guys read me for filth here’s the issue. If you can feel how long the movie is then it is too long, and on top of the movie being too long I felt like certain parts of the movie wasn’t at all needed. For example, the scene with Felix and his crazy ass wife in bed together? WE AINT NEED TO SEE THAT! The dancing scene in the beginning with Ron and Petrice? We could’ve cut that just a TAB BIT SHORTER. Overall, I believe the movie got a 7/10 stars.

I do suggest you all go out and watch this Spike Lee and Jordan Peele produced movie, now!


I do not have copyright ownership to images used in this article/blog post. 

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