Why Nicki Minaj Has Got to Stop Doing the Most

Rule Number One To Be A Boss Ass B*tch: Never Look a Fool Trying To Prove Yourself

Let’s get this straight: I’ve been a Nicki Minaj fan since the colored contacts and pink highlights. I can recite Itty Bitty Piggy at any given moment and have yet to recover from her iconic Monster verse. 


Nicki Minaj ignited the fearless, resilient black girl in me that I didn’t know existed and served as the main course for every sleepover and girls night my friends and I had. I’ve watched her evolve time and time again and even stuck with her through her Starships phase (and let me tell you, that was not an easy time).

Though she’s certainly stayed alive through features, her last project, The Pinkprint, was released in December 2014. I waited alongside my fellow barbz for her long-anticipated new era and was left wig-less after the initial release of her singles Chun-Li and Barbie Tingz. This was supposed to be the comeback we’ve all been waiting for.

And boy has it been a mess.

From blaming Travis Scott’s “exploitation” of girlfriend Kylie Jenner and daughter, Stormi, for why his album has taken her number one spot, to comparing her struggles to those of Harriet Tubman, the Nicki we have in front of us today is unhinged and honestly, just annoying. 

She’s been left with no choice but to push back her upcoming world tour with rapper and co-headliner Future, blaming the situation on lack of time management while disappointing ticket sales tell another story. 

Had Nicki sat back and let her album speak for itself, we would probably be seeing a very different reality play out. From the controversial Barbie Dreams to the emotional ballad Come See About Me, her whole truth was already laid out for us to absorb. But instead, we’ve gotten endless twitter arguments, obnoxiously loud radio rants, and the urge to cancel the woman entirely.

What I’m saying here is this: Nicki Minaj is legend status. She’s placed more than 50 different songs on the Hot 100 chart during her career— surpassing Michael Jackson. She’s made history and broken barriers and reestablished the platform for female MC’s all the while remaining authentically herself. I mean for God sakes, even Beyoncé has co-signed, and that’s more than a LOT of great artists can say. 

She’s way, WAY past the level of needing to prove herself in this industry, and yet that’s all she’s been doing this Queen era. From Kanye-esque tweets (I just can’t be the only one who sees the similarities), to back to back interviews where she name drops and calls out all those who have “doubted” and “wronged” her, she’s tiring us all out.

The beauty in artistry is being able to let it speak for itself. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m all for women speaking their truth and assuring their voices be heard. But sometimes, in order to make sure your message is properly digested, you have to use your craft as your form of expression. I’m sure Beyoncé would not have been as well received as she was if she went from radio station to radio station airing out her and Jay-Z’s dirty laundry instead of quietly releasing Lemonade. Her truth was set free, and her respect was preserved.

When you have to tell us over and over again that you’re the best that’s ever done it and that you’re a timeless legend, your credibility tends to go down. Azealia Banks is an incredibly talented lyricist but she’s shot all chances of her being respected by the public due to her constant rants and acts of rage and Nicki is, quite frankly, starting to fall in line.  


Onika, we love you! You’re undoubtedly strong and crazy talented and have reminded women all over the globe that they can hold there own against any man. But frankly, the insecurity is jumping out. A number 2 album is a HUGE win, whether you choose to see it that way or not. I’ve never been one to condone quieting a woman when she’s on the mic but, honey…

it’s time to put the mic down. 

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