Your Body or Mine?

Every month we choose poems from submissions made by you, the reader and we publish them. If you want your poem to be published on The Everythinger email us at

This poem is from the book Black Free Me Volume 1 written by Queen Billyne. 


Your body or Mine?

Is this your body or mine?
You get to stick your key into every hole
Opening all types of doors forgetting to close em
But when I voluntarily open up my door and let someone in
I’m a hoe?
So is this your body or mine
I make the decisions
Yes boo I decide
I am sexually comfortable with myself
To explore what I like
But when I open my door the user has to wear his suit
He can open my door without touching my soul
His soul and mines only meet
Because if he comes in without his bio-hazard suit on
His soul does more than meet mine
They talk and hold conversation
And my soul likes a good talk
But for now she meets people
Like a speed date
She longs for conversation but men
Are only good for meeting

-Queen Billyne

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