The Author

The Everythinger, is also an author. Check out my recently published work below.


Black Free Me: Thoughts UNCENSORED, Life Observed.

This book is a collection of my poems and thoughts that any black millennial can relate to. I was inspired by the world, current politics, social media and above all life. R.H. Sin also inspired this book. Shout out to you. This is just volume one of my book and even though this volume is short you will see it touches on almost every subject that I was inspired and influenced by.



Black Free Me: The Truth That Lies in the World 

Volume two of Black Free Me takes you on the necessary emotional rollercoaster ride called life. This book forces you to think about and see everything that you want to push away or ignore, it is truth. This volume is heartbreak, fear, pain, laughter, reassurance, and happiness. Purchasing this book is not just for me to release but for you to expand and understand there’s more in life. There’s more to life.